About Us


Maker's Leather Supply is a family business.  We are not always the cheapest and we may not always ship as fast as Amazon Prime (though we strive to be competitive in both).  However, we strive to have top quality products that we have personally used in our own leather crafts.

I (Aaron Heizer) started working with leather while in the Army.  I had a creative need in my life that had no outlet.  In the Army I was a prison guard and at the end of the day I felt that I had not contributed anything to the world.  I found that leathercraft filled that void very well and also provided a little extra money to the "Beer and Harley" fund!

When I retired from the Army, I moved back to Texas and opened a shop that primarily focused on making custom items while selling a few supplies to folks who needed them.  I met an amazing woman named Janie Sue and feel like my life started over that very day.  I talked to Janie quite a bit about how I loved doing custom leather work, but being months behind on my order queue was just not something my nerves could handle.  If I was awake in the middle of the night I would feel like I needed to be at work.  The Back Log was just not something I did well with.  Janie Sue encouraged me to make Maker's Leather Supply the front of our operation and put the custom work on the back burner.  She couldn't have been more right.

Since that shift in business, we grew very rapidly as we formed a larger customer base and quickly expanded our small selection of products and classes that we offered.  We had to move our shop to accommodate all the growth and now have a 6800sf building which should hold us for a few more years.


You can email us at orderMLS@hotmail.com