Schools Program Information

If you are interested in getting leather working into your school, club, or various other programs and/or for pricing information please email us at


We have Schools Program Coordinators that offers around the clock customer service. We will work with you on creating the perfect program for your class and help you get everything you need.


How can the program benefit you?

I always tell people that starting leather work is investing in your future. Not only is it great for dexterity but it's also a way to keep your mind sharp. We like to say that it converts energy into something tangible. Leather working is a life skill that has been around for longer than all of us, and it still continues to thrive. We want to set as many people as possible up for success in being able to create projects and be completely self-sufficient.

Why Maker's?

We pride ourselves on being a "hub" for knowledge. I have seen the owners give their personal numbers out more than the work phone because they want to be accessible for any and all questions. Leatherworking is an art, and there is no right or wrong way to do it, but it's not a cheap hobby and there is a lot to learn. We are passionate about helping and even if we can only get one kid from each program to continue with leather working, we feel that it is helping us "Make" our mark on the next generation of crafters. We hope that 30 years down the line someone can think back and say "It all started with Makers.

YouTube Videos that were specifically made for schools programing

A great refresher, or an informative video series about going back to the basics!

Using an acrylic template to cut out leather projects

Preparing Leather For stamping, creating a border, using a basketweave stamp: 

Leather Dyes, antiques, and finishes explained and used: 

Assembling and hand stitching your leather project: 

Beveling and Burnishing the edges of your business card wallet: 

Tooling Leather with the basic 7 piece tool kit here