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Buckstitch Chisels

Buckstitch Chisels

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In all the years I have been working leather, I have not really done much with buckstitching. I recently got the itch to make some stuff and started looking for some high quality buckstitch chisels... Guess what? There was no such thing. So, we talked to some of our friends that do some high end buckstitching work and they helped us design this set. THEY ARE AMAZING!
The buckstitch chisel set includes 3 chisels, one with a single prong, one with two prongs, and another with six prongs.
The Large set has 4mm prongs 4mm apart from each other makes the perfect spacing and holes for either 1/8" or 5/32" lace.
The Small set has 3.5mm prongs 3.5mm apart from each other and make them perfect for 3/32" or 1/8" lace with a tighter pattern.
In the picture with the cuff I used the smaller set (marked 1/8) and in the pictures with the belt I used the larger set (marked 5/32). Both projects were completed with 1/8" lace.
***If you previously bought a set of Buckstitch chisels from us and they are not marked, they are the large size***
Here is a YouTube Video on using the chisels and the process I used to do the stitch.

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