Quarantine Classes Live Project 2 (Vertical Card Wallet)

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THIS PROJECT VIDEO WILL BEGIN AT 12 NOON (Central Time) on 27 March 2020

So here we are in unprecedented times- lots of folks sitting and waiting and we don't even know what we are waiting for... so I plan to do what I can to make that time fun and dare I say... educational!  We will have a live class where we can build projects together- interactively.  I will have a moderator on my end reading me any questions that are posted and I will answer them on the video.  

This download is for a vertical card wallet.  We will do some skiving and lots of construction on this one.  The tooling pattern (Provided by Don Gonzales) is optional and will not be covered in this class- but we will tool it soon in a class.

So- how's THAT for social distancing?  We can build  a project together and not even have to cough on each other!