Maker's Contact Cement

Maker's Contact Cement

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Please Read: This product will expand in the extreme cold or heat, causing it to possibly leak out of the container in shipping. We seal it in plastic, but again we can not control the weather. We hope you understand.


We will be offering adjustable horse hair brushes very soon to screw into the can!

 This is the best contact cement there is. We have had many saddle makers, boot makers, and general leather workers ask where we get it! The cement goes on very evenly and does not thicken in the can near as fast as other competing brands. Coat both surfaces you want to stick together, enjoy a sip of coffee for 3 to 5 minutes, then press the pieces together for a bond that you wont believe! 1qt can.

This contact cement must ship UPS, and unfortunately can not be shipped to our leathercrafting customers in California.

Get your Glue CAN brush here!


 Glue Jar's HERE if your into that sort of thing LOL




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