Discount Black Tyvek
Discount Black Tyvek
Discount Black Tyvek

Discount Black Tyvek

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We have gathered all of our miscut or short peices of Tyvek and are offering then at a discount! Peices range 6-9 feet, and will not be the best if the best, no refunds it exchange on these! Thank you

We finally found Black Tyvek!  We have already cut it into strips the width you need for your project!

*The dimensions of the Tyvek are approximate and not exact, also may vary in straightness. We hand cut these from very large rolls and precise cuts just haven't been manageable. This will not effect your product as it will be hidden behind the leather. Thank you for your understanding!

Right now there is a Tyvek shortage, in order to facilitate more customers we are not selling Tyvek in the large roles.

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