Red Brown Edge Ink

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The Indelible line of Edge Ink is the best we've ever seen.  Amazing colors, flexible finish, doesn't chip, crack, or peel.  This stuff applies so evenly and dries quickly so that you don't have to wait forever to finish your edges!

To apply:  Shake well and let bubbles settle.  Sand and bevel your edges to your liking, then apply a coat of  Indelible Edge Ink (can be applied with an edge paint roller or dauber).  After about an hour the paint is dry and you should sand it lightly with a fine sand paper until it is smooth (I use 320 grit).  Apply a 2nd coat of Indelible Edge Ink and in an hour decide if you need to sand, smooth and re-apply a 3rd coat.  Most of the times 2 coats will do the trick!