Deluxe Bag Leather
Deluxe Bag Leather
Deluxe Bag Leather

Deluxe Bag Leather

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Super awesome Bag leather, this is the leather that we have recently used in some of the deluxe Mystery boxes. We've had a ton of inquiries about where to get it, so here it is!

This leather has amazing grain and pebble lending itself to the look of Bison or an exotic leather without the extremely high price tag. There are some small holes, and an occasional small brand but all in all a very clean leather. It is a Chrome/Veg Re-Tanned leather.

Each side it's approximately 5-6 ounce with a more firm temper, great for bags that need some body such as a briefcase, tote bag, Doctor bag, or duffle.

Black-Matte range 12-15 sq ft

3.5 to 4.5 oz, 



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