Heizer Skull and Web Pattern Rub

Heizer Skull and Web Pattern Rub
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    This has been my most popular tooling pattern BY FAR.  I have taught this class many times and it has been tooled on everything from holsters to notebooks to wallets!

    The pattern measures 5.75" which makes it perfect for so many applications.  You can impress the image in different areas to make the skull and web fit many different items or it is perfect with a tooled border on our Roper Style wallet design!

    Ever wish there was a way to transfer your pattern to leather quicker and more accurately?  Try a Pattern Rub!

    What is a Pattern Rub?  Rubs are the fastest, easiest and cleanest way to get an outline of the design you would like to carve onto your leather.

    How do you use them?  First, moisten your veg tanned leather with water on the grain side until you have moisture about halfway through your piece of leather.  Allow to dry until it begins to come bak to it's original color.  Position your Pattern Rub on your leather where you would like the pattern.  With the raised pattern against your leather, rub over the back of the Pattern Rub with a smooth object with a bit of pressure.  A large modelling spoon or a wood handle work good for this.  Be sure to rub over each line for a good imprint.

    The beauty of Pattern Rubs is that they are reusable.  You are able to quickly and accurately transfer that same pattern countless times with each one crisp and clean.  Pattern Rubs are a brilliant time saver for an active leather craftsman.