NEW Maker's Mystery Box Rules!

1. Boxes will be posted for sale from the 10th to the 15th of the month and will ship the 1st of the next month!

2. Boxes will normally cost between $30 and $50

3. Boxes will be project themed and will have some (if not all) materials included to complete the project (the box may also contain tools and other kick ass supplies).

4. Sales on box contents will be final. If you received something you already have, trade it or sell it to a friend!

5. Attempts will be made to ALWAYS have new products in the box (as in just released or not yet released- not as in we would send you used items).

6. There is no subscription involved, log on and buy the monthly box if you wish. A vague description will be involved so that you can decide if you want to try that month out or not!

7. There will be a Monday Night Video on Facebook, Instagram and posted to YouTube about each box after they have shipped and been received.

Mystery Box